Marking The World Environment Day

In the spirit of fighting and combating climate change through promoting tree cover in our country, we joined other environmental organizations and stake holders in planting trees nation wide in the recent concluded World Environment Day, that is always celebrated on 5th June every year.

Through our partnership with Kenya Forest Service and National Youth Council, we managed to plant 1000 trees, both the exotic and indigenous trees at Adventist University of Africa, in Kajiado county. The event was fruitful and it will always be sealed in our hearts, as environmental conservation is one of our main pillars as a foundation.

Through this event, we learnt many benefits of planting and growing trees to maturity. Trees have benefits such as;

They clean the air so we can breathe more easily.

Leave it to leaves. Trees remove the kind of air pollution that is most dangerous to our lungs: particulate matter. This pollution arises from the burning of fossil fuels, and can reach dangerous concentrations in the largest cities as well as in neighborhoods near highways and factories.

Tree’s leaves will filter this dangerous pollution, but only if they’re planted near the people who need them; most of the filtration occurs within 100 feet of a tree. More trees in cities, especially in lower-income neighborhoods close to highways and factories, can reduce ailments like asthma and heart disease that cause 5% of deaths worldwide.

They cool down your life, and could even save it.

Trees give us all shade—and that’s a good thing! Temperatures are rising and heatwaves are getting longer due to climate change. Some places feel the heat more than others. Neighborhoods with lots of pavement absorb more heat and can be five to eight degrees hotter than surrounding areas. These areas also stay hotter later into the night, which is detrimental to our health.

A tree’s shade acts like a natural air conditioning and can even keep down the energy costs of our actual air conditioning systems, which are increasingly working overtime.

They give a home to the wildlife we love.

From our windows, many of us can see how much our feathered and furry neighbors enjoy their ‘high-rise apartments.’ Even a single tree can provide vital habitat for countless species. An intact forest can do even more, creating a home for some of the most diverse and resilient webs of life on the planet. Old-growth forests, the forests that we need to protect most urgently, create habitat.

“Until you dig a hole, you plant a tree, you water it and make it survive, you haven’t done a thing. You are just talking.”

― Wangari Maathai

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