Meet The Leadership

Executive Director

Timothy Nyandusi

Timothy Nyandusi is the Executive Director of Ark Sonop Foundation. In his role, he steers the Foundation's vision of a society where the communities are empowered to realize a transformed and conserved environment and wildlife while engaging young people bringing out a positive impact.
In particular, he works to break the self perpetuating cycle of exclusion of young people so that they may actively chat and address issues affecting their wellbeing. He has over a decade's experience in Communication and passion in Community work, Social Activism, Environment and Wildlife conservation, Leadership and Governance, and Mentorship. Timothy has a strong drive for his work as well as to share knowledge, skills and experience geared towards empowering the society.

Chief Executive Officer

Brenda Lumumba

Lumumba Anyango, born and breed in Kenya. Has a special love for her rich mother land. A Computer scientist by profession, with a special love for Green Technology. Believes that a properly empowered younger generation means a relaxed retirement period. The beauty of trees not only lies in the ambience but for food and shelter to.

IT & Administration Manager

Steve Misati

Steve Misati serves as the Foundation's IT and Administration manager. With his love for IT, he has been instrumental in the coordination of interventions meant to promote the online and digital aspects of the foundation. He is also, passionate about conservation, climate activism, community work and youth empowerment, this led him into being a strong champion and advocate for both the environment and community at large.

Programmes & Outreach Coordinator

Dorris Achieng

Dorris Achieng' is a Data Scientist by profession who is passionate about using predictive analytics in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. She is also enthusiastic about nurturing skills and talents for young people.