Why Mentorship Is A Key Pillar in Our Foundation

For the most part, we all understand the benefits of mentoring the youths in the society. We’ve seen and heard all of the powerful stories. In fact, you likely have a mentoring story from your own youth. These stories and feelings show us just how powerful youth mentoring is to child development and growing in life.

Every person is different, which in turn is why mentoring affects everyone differently. Mentors offer youth a number of benefits that not only help prepare them for their future life, but also makes them feel confident and strong. And this made us use mentorship and empowerment as one of the key pillars of our foundation.

Mentoring is important because it creates a positive impact in the youth’s lives. Whether it is in academics, social situations, or at home, mentoring programs can really make a difference.

Academic benefits

Youth mentoring programs and tutoring programs are kind of similar in the fact that each one is for the betterment of the child, yet mentoring programs are much more complex and don’t just focus on school work. Mentoring programs don’t focus on learning curriculum, but on learning what to do and how to succeed in all aspects of life, especially in school.

Mentoring is about teaching youth how to be invested in school, in their future, and helps hold them accountable. It also helps increase high school graduation rates, lower high school dropout rates, and helps youth grasp a better attitude about school.

Social benefits

On top of helping the youth focus on school and prepare for higher education, youth mentoring programs also help teach proper behavioral skills and traits that play a big part in day-to-day life.

Mentoring youth at a young age will help them not only understand and learn skills needed in life, but help them understand themselves better as well, who they want to be, and increase confidence. It also helps them build relationships with not only peers their own age, but authority and older adults as well.

Home benefits

Outside of school and social aspects, youth mentoring programs can also help youth better their behavior at home. Youth through mentoring programs tend to have a stronger relationship with their parents than before.

Meeting with a student or child a couple times a month may not seem like a big deal, but the impact it has on them is incredibly beneficial. Mentors help create positive change, and are someone the young person is able to look up to.

Our Foundation’s mentoring program helps teach strengths-based on talents, decision making, accountability, self-efficiency and strategic goal setting.

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